The best games. Against the grain.

Independent game developers are alive and well.CrossCut Games, Inc.(a name taken from Dan’s tool shed) incorporated in 2001, but as a development group, we’ve been creating games since 1983. Back then, we were known as Commonwealth Software (a name taken off an insurance company sign while traveling around Bloomington, Indiana) consisting of three people: Adam West, Dan Schnake, and Dale King. Over the years, others came and went while we made a few games. Many things have changed, but we’re still here.

Today we’re even smaller (Dale left for greener pastures), but perhaps better suited for indie game development. We have full time jobs, full time families and full time lives outside of CrossCut. Through the games we’ve designed and published, we’re making just enough money to support a web site and maybe a little extra to buy a few goodies for our next game. We have a wealth of experience, a wild set of development styles, a host of high-tech tools and a few gray hairs. Game creation is fun.