Latest Developments

New Game Design?

I’m always working on something and what I’ve recently finished testing (I think) is a deck builder game based around the frame of Kodachi, but with a fantasy vibe, playing really fast (like 30 min with 2 players, and 45 with 3-4) and loads of funny illustrations. It’s got a lot of deck-buildery goodness to

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Game News

TRANSMISSIONS – Shipping Soon!

TRANSMISSIONS is coming! I hope you are safe, healthy and well out there! I have a very brief update on shipping. I have approved the shipping plan. We will have THREE ships going out – to AUS (Aetherworks), UK (Spiral Galaxy) and US (QML). CHINA (VFI) will have more direct shipping since they are obviously

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Company News

Website Refresh!

Yes, we’re trying to get our old site updated with new content. But it’s been so long – I have a lot to do – like adding a real shopping experience (with proper payment methods and shipment types), keeping posts updated, rolling out announcements, a newsletter – and tons of other stuff! The one item

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