New Site Launch!

We haven’t had a complete refresh in YEARS so we were long over due. Consider this a signal that more things are coming. As you can see, we’ve moved FINALLY into the new age of decent design. We connected with a web site designer in Austin (Hey! Kristine!) who delivered what you’re looking at now! Well, not the actual TEXT you’re seeing now, but all the other details – it’s all her. Love it.

So that’s very cool! But there’s a downside to this massive revamp: we’ve lost all our old forums. And probably – many folks are very saddened by this. If so, send me an e-mail. I understand! And if you REALLY want some old content, let me know. I didn’t delete it – it’s just stored away and too difficult to move anywhere else.

However, if you have some old dusty memories or even some fresh ones and those things are held in the old vaults of RS forums, let me know! I can maybe find it in the back room and get you a copy.

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