Independent computer game developers are alive and well. CrossCut Games, Inc. (a name taken from Dan's tool shed) incorporated in 2001, but as a development group, we've been creating games since 1983. Back then, we were known as Commonwealth Software (a name taken off an insurance company sign while traveling around Bloomington, Indiana) consisting of three people: Dan Schnake, Adam West and Dale King. Over the years, others came and went while we made a few games (some too embarrassing to publish) and generally muddled along. Many things have changed, but we're still here.


We're a team of crazy game designers - and we've been at it for over 30 years. Right now, we're focused on board games - but we've done computer games way back and continue to explore iPad and other mobile platforms. What's next? You tell us!


We're working on our latest game DEADLINE. It's a co-op game based on 1938 noir mysteries! The illustrations are by Glen Orbik, Tom Babbey and E. M. Gist. It's looking FANTASTIC and we hope to have it all wrapped up this year. So stand by for more news!